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In the spirit of sharing and developing a little rapport between each other, I thought that it would be appropriate to provide a little bit of background info about myself.

I’m 43, married to my lovely wife Teresa, and have 3 wonderful children – two in college and a 6yr old daughter. I trade for a living, and I coach people like yourself who ultimately want to do the same. I try to have a rounded life by doing things I enjoy, such as road bike riding (even the occasional race), flying R/C airplanes, and being involved with my kids activities.

I started my trading journey back in 1999 when I received a long booklet in the mail on trading Futures & Commodities using a Technical Analysis approach. I remember those early days quite vividly. I even clearly remember my very first trade, blow by blow – a short in Cotton. As time moved forward I followed what is a very common path for traders – looking at various software programs, advisory services, books, courses, etc. You know, the quest for the Holy Grail of trading. Over time I came to believe that a Grail does indeed exist…and that it is within YOU! I believe that trading is largely a journey of self-discovery, where learning how to master your emotions and thoughts are the keys to unlocking your success.

My first winning year was in 2001 where I was swing trading Futures using an Elliot Wave based system. Between May and Sept 10, I grew my trading account by 70%. On 9/11, I was in the futures currency markets with open STOP orders to add on to a couple of positions. By the end of that day I had lost all of my gains for the year and then some. Luckily though I was not devastated. And when trading resumed a few days later, so did I. Over the next 2.5 months I managed to grow my account up to that 70% level again.

While looking for a method that better suited my personality, I explored a variety tools and approaches over time. I’ve purchased and used a variety of trading software products, I’ve gone through training at a couple of Prop Firms, and I’ve also attended a variety of classes, training and seminars from numerous companies and educators. Additionally I’ve studied the work & teachings of many people like John Carter, Hubert Senters, Van Tharp, Dale Wheatley, Mark Douglas, Ken Calhoon, Steve Nison, Oliver Velez, and so forth. In addition to education and using / learning tools created by other people & companies, I have also done an extensive amount of system development of my own. This includes developing full blown fully automated trading systems.

In my professional career I’ve been an engineer and managed a variety of teams in CPU validation at Intel Corp between 1995 and 2010. Over time I learned that I had a natural talent and passion for employee and team development. I gravitated toward people management roles and I taught several classes through IntelU (i.e.” Intel University”), including a weeklong boot camp for new managers that focused on team development. As such I was regularly sought out for mentoring by engineers, technicians and Jr Managers.

I left my very nice professional job in 2010 to pursue trading full-time. Shortly after that I started talks with a small company that sold trading software. That ultimately led to a job working for them performing a variety of roles, such as developing educational content, publishing daily trade alerts and a few other things. Then a HUGE opportunity presented itself. The company had launched a mentor program and many of their long-term core clients had signed up for it. Due to a very unfortunate and sad circumstance, the person that was going to run the program became very ill and could no longer participate. Well one thing led to another and I found myself in the position of running the entire mentor program for the company – all on my own. Now I won’t lie, I was scared sh!tless…but very excited at the same time. I reached out to my previous trading coach so that I could get some coaching on coaching! I also sought out a coaching certification program so that I could further enhance my skills.

My list of clients filled up fast and so did my weekly schedule. With the first session of each new client I was super scared. But what amazed me was how quickly I was able to establish a connection with each person, and how naturally everything seemed to come. As the days weeks and months went by, my clients were growing tremendously and experiencing real tangible results. This totally got me pumped! I worked with people from all different types of backgrounds, from different parts of the world and with different levels of experience. So I had numerous clients who were brand new to trading, and some clients who had been trading for 20+ years and in a $5M account…and everything in between.

Given how things started and the variety of clients that were thrown my way, I’m happy…no PROUD to say that I’ve had a 100% positive feedback from every client I have ever worked with!

So why am I a trading coach?

Well there are several contributory factors to this. As I touched on above, after several years in pursuit of trading success I finally realized that the answer lies within. The problem is much of what it takes to be successful in trading is different than what we’ve been conditioned for in most areas of our lives. And then in my professional life I discovered that I have a natural passion and talent for mentoring others, for helping them grow.

Perhaps the single most effective thing that I did to help my trading career was to go through a personal coaching program of my own. A while back my wife sent me to a Tony Robbins Seminar as a gift. I went on to sign up for their coaching program where I focused on trading. I was blown away by the significant progress I made in my trading performance while working with a coach during that year.

After seeing and experiencing the impact that coaching can have first hand, it really got me wondering…could this be my calling??? And then when I was given the opportunity to run the mentor program for a trading compay, to see how much I was able to help people, and how natural it felt for me, I was then able to say YES, this IS my calling!

When you put all of this together:

  • Extensive trading experience with a variety of tools and methodologies
  • Strong and natural passion for helping others grow
  • Strong first-hand experience of the benefits that can come from coaching
  • Strong track record with 100% positive feedback from clients
  • And a desire to pursue ongoing training on being more effective as a coach myself

Well, I think this puts me in a decent position to help others succeed here as well.

Perhaps one of the most valuable things that I bring to the table is this…

Only a trader knows the unique challenges that a trader faces on their journey towards the ultimate goal of consistently profitable trading. Many coaches are great at coaching, but don’t know how to trade. Many traders are great a trading, but don’t know how to coach.

I bring the best of both worlds together – Trader AND Coach

Alright, well there’s some background info on me. And now that I’ve spent a page and a half talking about myself, I want to emphasize a very important point:

Coaching is NOT about me…it is about YOU.

The sole purpose behind sharing this info is so that hopefully you will feel more comfortable working with me.

Let’s keep the focus on you – where you’re at, what your needs are, and helping you reach the next levels of success!

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