Sunday , 25 February 2018
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Coaching Explained

When it comes to coaching, there are two types of people:

  1. Those who know and have experienced the tremendous impact that coaching can create
  2. And those who’ve never tried it!

When I first came across the idea of a trading coach, it was a totally foreign concept to me. I had been working hard at learning how to trade for quite some time and the thought of paying someone to help me seemed kind of strange. After all, I’m a smart, can-do person…you know – a do it yourself kind of guy.

But then I tried it. Wow!! I was completely blown away by the resuts. I started seing improvements in every aspect of my trading almost overnight. As I continued to work with my coach throughout the year I was able to systematically identify  and remove numerous obtacles and limiters that were affecting my trading. I learned how to manage my emotions, harness my strengths, adapt to my weaknesses, develop discipline, confidence…and well, you get the point. Working with a coach totally turned my trading around.

So here you are now, on a web site about coaching…on a website dedicated to helping you become a better trader. Maybe the concept is foreign to you too? Maybe  you’ve been lucky enough to benefit from working with a coach in some other area of your life? I don’t know.

But now your curiosity is peaked. Now you find yourself wondering…

  • What exactly is a trading coach?
  • What does a trading coach do?
  • How does coaching work?
  • Could coaching help ME?
  • Could working with a coach be just the think I need to get my trading results where I want them???

If these are the kind of questions and thoughts that are rattling around in your head, then let’s explore a little deeper and learn what coaching can do for you….

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