Sunday , 25 February 2018
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Coaching Benefits

Picture this…it’s one year from today…

  • Trading has become easy and stress free for you
  • You look forward to each new day, wondering what opportunities the markets will make available to you…Some days there are no candidates that meet your criteria, while other days are plentiful – And you are equally comfortable on each day
  • You find that you rarely get emotional
  • Fear has become a thing of the past
  • You’ve learned how to become in-tune with the markets
  • In the past  you craved certainty. Now you are now comfortable operating in a world of probabilities – Yet you are now certain in your behaviors
  • Your self-awareness skills are incredible. You are able to easily and instantly tell when you’re on your game or not, and you always know exactly what you do.
  • You’ve created a robust and thorough trading plan that comprehends every aspect of your “business”
  • You’ve created and mastered a journaling technique that easily allows you to capture the important elements from each trading session
  • You have created a technique that easily allows you to process new ideas, thoughts or emotions outside of the trading session, and then incorporate that into your business trading plan
  • You have a smooth rising equity curve
  • You are healthier, because you have established an exercise routine, good sleep patterns and you continue to eat more nutritious foods
  • You are happier and have a more balanced life with time for everything – work, family, fun
  • You are utterly proud of yourself…proud that you were willing to put in the tremendous time and effort required to overhaul your trading…proud with all you have accomplished.

These are the kinds of things that are possible for YOU,
when you work with a trading coach!

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