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Trader Consulting

Throughout our trading career we are going to learn about and dream all sorts of ideas that may, or may not, improve our bottom line. A typical example might be that you read a book written by some successful trader. And in that book he lays out the bulk of his trading approach. This appeals to you, but there are still some missing pieces, or perhaps you can’t fully see how to implement it? Or maybe you read an article in an investment journal that talks about position sizing or portfolio analysis, and you start wondering how this applies to you?

And then learning how to successfully engage the markets is a process all in itself. For example, something as straight-forward as learning what style of investing best suits your personality can be surprisingly difficult to uncover. There are so many factors to consider – such as your risk tolerance, how much time do you want to spend managing your money on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly basis? Do you like to buy and hold? Do you like fast action? How much money do you have available for learning how to trade? How much SHOULD you have? And the list goes on and on.

Sometimes you just need to talk with someone else who knows what you are going through. Someone that has experience and understands the nuances of trading. Someone that you can kick around ideas with, weigh the merits of various approaches and ultimately, help you to see solutions that are in your best interest.

That’s what our consultation service is for. Not so sound too cheesy, but “we’ve been there…we’ve done that” is the idea here. Through a combination of extensive personal experience in all sorts of trading areas, as well as through coaching a diverse mixture of folks from broad backgrounds, experience levels, and trading approaches, we have the understanding necessary to help you work through your areas of need.

So if this sounds like something that might be just the thing you need, then schedule a free call to explore further.

Please note:

I am not a registered investment advisor. This means I legally can NOT give you advice related to buying / selling financial instruments.

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