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I was initially sceptical about embarking on mentoring, as I was convinced I was trading to the maximum of my ability and that trading maybe just wasn’t for me. However, I eventually took the plunge and all I can say is that having Mike as a mentor is the best decision I have ever made in my trading career.

With Mike, you not only get someone who has tremendous knowledge across all aspects of trading but someone who has the ability to impart that knowledge in a way that is specifically tailored to your individual goals and desires. I am aware that ‘tailored to your individual needs’ is a term that is used far too freely when a lot of organisations and individuals in reality just provide a bog standard one size fits all service, but Mike genuinely encapsulates this.

Alongside Mike’s knowledge, you will have a mentor that cares about not only your financial success, but more than that your financial success in the context of your personal happiness and well being. After all trading can be stressful at times! I myself am, and have been working in the helping professions for a significant number of years and truth be told it takes a lot to impress me with things like self-help, coaching and mentoring. However, even I was blown away by the time and dedication Mike put in to supporting me in my trading journey.

So, am I now a super duper successful trader who can make as much money as I want at will? No, absolutely not and I will be the first to admit that there is still some way to go before in my eyes ‘I make it’ so to speak. However, the crucial difference between now and pre-mentoring is that I now have not only the technical, but just as if not more importantly the psychological and emotional skills and abilities, to genuinely take responsibility for my trading and ensure my future success.

Mike, thank you so much!

Anish Shah

Dear Mike,

I just wanted to thank you for all your help since taking up the mentor program late last year. You have this awesome ability to identify my areas of opportunity and to help me identify what motviates me to work at these. You opened my eyes and taught me how to focus on my strengths and my learnings above everything when things don’t turn out so well – and we’ve all had a few of those :)

When I began experimenting and trading manually in NT as opposed to VT I lost a LOT of money. You were able to point out that this in itself would have been an invaluable experience and that there were learnings that I could take away from this to help me with my future trading – something that I’m sure many of us already know but not always the the easiest thing to recall and put into practise when things don’t go to plan and we let our emmotions take over.

You helped me to identify some of these learnings and how to refocus – subsequently I changed the negative association I felt toward this experiences and took out what DID work well as opposed to what DID NOT! After that session with you (just one session I might add) I followed your advice. I had the best two weeks of trading I have had to date with only 4 losess out of 18 trades.

You have no idea what a difference this has made to my confidence in the system and to my own confidence and ability to select the right trades. You have been a truly amazing mentor and I give you the highest praise for your authenticity, for your passsion in helping others and for your natural gifts in getting to the core of an issue and tackling it head on!

To say that you are a brilliant mentor would be an understatement.

To say you are the BOMB would do you much more justice!!! :)

Miguel Priano  :)

My experience with Mike Herrick has been transformational. When I started working with Mike, my skills in recognizing pretty and attractive patterns were terrible. Mike put together a program where I reviewed charts by the hundreds, and he critiqued my classifications. After about a month or so, I was really good at recognizing the good patterns, or more importantly, eliminating the ugly ones. Then I began simulated trading, and did very well at it. My percentage of picking winning trades was in the 80% to 90% range. Recently I have begun live trading, and Mike has been extremely helpful working through the additional issues the arise in this situation. I now judge my success by how well I follow my rules. There is still much to learn, and I look forward to getting additional guidance from Mike. I would highly recommend mentoring with Mike Herrick.

James Schmidhammer

“Mike has been a godsend. Just when I was about to give up on trading, he became my coach. I am a much better trader now, than before I met Mike. Mike’s approach is to help discover my barriers to success in trading. He has been my cheerleader and has held me accountable throughout our coaching. I am not just a better trader, but I am a better person…just ask my family. Mike does not use a cookie-cutter approach, but rather tailors his coaching to your individual needs. Mike is great at noticing when I’m getting off track and offers meaningful suggestions to get me back on track. Before I met Mike, I felt like a trading student and after the first few coaching sessions, I felt like a trading professional.”


Hi Mike,

I have been very privileged to have you as my mentor. The journey so far has had many ups and downs, and your openness, honest feedback and support have enabled me to grow my confidence and skill at using the program. I have come to understand the importance of a good mental state to trade objectively and consistently.

Thank you again for your help, I would definitely recommend the mentoring program to others.


Clyde Merrylees

Hi Mike,

I’ve found Mike to be extremely insightful in all the practical aspects of trading. Having been a working on my trading for a number of years, I have no doubt my trading would have been much further developed by now had I had Mike as a coach earlier. Since he’s been helping me I’ve had many ‘aha’ moments where he has helped me identify blind spots: Even though I knew a lot about my system rules, I had not been applying them correctly. As well as mechanical skill, Mike has been very insightful in helping me observe and manage my emotions when trading. In addition, Mike brings an enthusiasm and humour to his coaching that makes every session fun as well as valuable. Mike has also been very accommodating of my needs – our coaching has been scheduled to allow for the different time demands from other aspects of my life.

In short, Mike has been a great help to my trading, and I would highly recommend his coaching to anyone serious about enhancing their trading.

Karl Ranson

Mike is a very understanding coach, having traded himself with different methodologies for many years. It’s clear that he’s already dealt with all the issues I’ve encountered in my trading in his own work. Coupled with his great, positive attitude, Mike has used his experience to focus my attention on the psychological stumbling blocks that stand in the way of my success. He’s been very encouraging and has given me confidence in my “pretty” trade selection skills. In addition, he’s taught me some excellent techniques for regulating the anxiety I feel around trade entry. So, now our work has focused mainly on the areas where I can improve, which fall in the realm of business planning, postmortem analysis, and introspection. So far, Mike’s coaching has been fruitful. I can’t say I’m consistently profitable yet, but I’m making progress.


Jim Black

I’m very happy with how Mike’s coaching is going. I’m still inconsistent week to week, but I’m happy that I’m heading in the right direction. I’ve had a few 100% winner weeks, including last week which was 3 winners from 3 trades. I’m still inconsistent as I said, but I’m already getting better results than I ever have previously. And, more importantly, I am focusing on defining and embedding my behaviours to be a successful trader.

The benefit of having a competent coach to help me identify my blind spots is already reaping great dividends. Even though I’ve been using the my system diligently for some time, a few setups I’ve taken that were losers I struggled to see any issues with them. That is, until Mike pointed out that they did not have valid entry signals. Simple, I know, but this was a great revelation to me as entering early is something I’d been doing regularly and thought I had understood – but this was part of the entry rules that I hadn’t mastered. So having someone that can help with both the mechanical and psychological aspects of trading is providing dividends which is really exciting. Another benefit of focusing on the behaviours rather than the results week to week is that I can let go of some of my ‘need to be right’ and continue to be open to learnings – I don’t have as much of my ego on the line. But I’m already seeing better results than I’ve ever got. Coaching sessions with Mike are enjoyable and inspiring – he seems to enjoy what he does. Our sessions are professional, fun, and insightful. Thanks Mike.


I cannot say enough good things about Mike. He is definitely the right fit for me. He really helps me challenge myself and helps me get to the core of some of things that are blocking my trading success. He still treats me like I’m his only client and he remembers more about my journals than I do.

Just this week, Mike noticed that some of my trading behavior was different than it was 6 weeks ago and it was reflected in my financial results. We spent the whole session this week on that behavior and how to address it. The very next trading session, I was a better person and a better trader.

While Mike’s official role is a trading coach, he is actually becoming a life coach. Everything he teaches me and coaches me on, applies to life as well. My family even notices that I’m a different person after coaching began.

Brian White

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